Bringing Encouragement &
Hope to Community

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We bring encouragement to people by providing high-quality natural candles that are good for your home, the environment, and others because people need renewed hope.

Photo at night with people releasing lanterns with candles into the sky.

Who is Penelope?

Penelope is a baby who was born with one courageous breath that filled her lungs in this life.

Her life stands as a beacon that no life is too short, no person to small to bring hope and joy into this world.

Penelope’s light continues to shine through each candle, each person, who lights one of our candles.

Sustainable Living for Women

We are passionate about helping women who are coming out of homelessness into lives that allow them to live sustainably for them and their families.

To us, this starts at the policy level - speaking out for what is actually needed to help people transition out of homelessness, partnering with non-profits, and donating a percentage of our profits to organizations that are giving women safety, shelter, training, dignity, and most of all hope.

Diverse group of women embracing and smiling. Penelope's Light is helping women into sustainable living.
Values We Create By
Everything we do or create is about...

It’s good for the environment and empowering women into
sustainable living.
We have a heart for giving.
We lean into others and listen to how we can help
We put ourselves in their shoes.
Anita, the owner of Penelope's Light, with a white blouse and grey sweater sitting on a white sofa.

Meet the Owner, Anita!

I used to shrink myself and hide in the world. I didn’t want to shine or be in the spotlight because I always felt less than. But, as God continued to work within me, I knew He was calling me to more.

He placed in my heart a longing to help other women of every tribe, tongue, nation, and age to stand strong in who God made them to be so they wouldn’t be afraid to shine.

I spent a period of time homeless with my daughter; finding shelters, not having money for basic needs. Many of the people I encountered had lost hope - but I never did. I brought hope to them, even though my physical situation did not appear to be any better than theirs.

Community is everything. We need each other as humans.

I am now a Certified Aromatherapist who is bringing encouragement, hope, and uplifting life through natural candles.

Give Back

Donations from Each Sale:
For every candle you buy, we donate 5% to helping women rebuilding their lives after homelessness to start a business.

The season of homelessness in my life taught me a lot, and now I want to give back to helping women who are rebuilding their lives after homelessness, like I have. I am developing a program that helps them financially start for profit businesses and the tools they need to sustain it.

Two women smiling and pointing at the camera with a white background behind; sharing how you are part of giving back at Penelope's Light..

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